If you are new to the study of Taekwondo, you are about to being an exciting journey of self-discovery.
If you have had previous experience, you now have the opportunity to expand your perspective and to advance your knowledge and technique.
Classroom training and regular practice will lead to development of your physical and mental capabilities.
Taekwondo instruction methods will cause you to focus closely on what you are doing and your concentration will improve.
This promotes better physical performance and positive attitude.
The interweaving of mental and physical capabilities leads to a special harmony: uniting spirit, mind and body, the very foundation of Taekwondo teachings.
You will notice increased efficiency and capability in your professional, academic and personal endeavors.
You will also find yourself accomplishing things that you never imagined were possible!
Taekwondo study offers the opportunity to form strong and lasting friendships.
The time spent in the company of classmates who share your goals and interests can be very enjoyable, and a healthy way to relieve the stresses of everyday life.
Advancement in martial arts skills comes in a steady stream, not a flash flood! It is progressive self-improvement.
So be patient. Remember that even the smallest steps gives a boost to your enthusiasm and enjoyment. Taekwondo can benefit individuals from preschoolers to senior citizens and from entry-level exercisers to avid athletes.
Master Lee is certified Kukkiwon 6th Degree(Dan) Black Belt!
If you come to class and practice each week, success will come along , too!
I look forward to seeing you in the Dojang!

Master Sang Hoon Lee

10455 N Central Expy #119, Dallas, TX 75230 / (469) 291-7375 / mastersanglee@gmail.com